How to get displayed the completion date of task within a project?

I want to have displayed the date when a task was actually completed by the user (for example in a custom field). The due date is important but we find useful when a task was not performed during the due day but was done days after the due day to be shown, in these cases I would like to know when it was done. I know that this info is within the task and also can be search in the global search option. but to have a clear day is just something we need.

How to do this? I don’t find a custom field to be added.


is there

Hi @Rodrigo_Rojas :wave:t3:

We don’t have a built-in feature to allow you to do this, but you can use a text custom field in your project and enter your completed date in the format of our choice!

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

OK but in this way to add a text custom field does not allow me to format into a date format, only text. And a numerical custom field, does not include a date format.

How to do it then?

@Rodrigo_Rojas, If you format a text field like 2020-07-20 you’ll be able to sort by it.



Thanks @lpb :+1:t3:

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I think that is better to go with Advance Search to get tasks done withing a time range. Thanks @lpb for your help.

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