Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

Unreal that this has not been added still. Would add tremendous value and work towards accomplishing their goal of saving companies time. The lack of this feature results in a HUGE time waster.


Please get this feature added. I was so excited about the introduction of task templates but due to lack of cross project usability we have yet to use a single one.
I am a business coach and long term advocate of Asana.
I have been helping businesses use Asana for over 6 years but the lack of this feature is one of the reasons i am activly looking for alternatives. Would be such a shame to move but weve waited so long and with no indication of when or even if, this is going to be implemented.
Just thought if share this so you know how its affecting some of your top supporters!!

Making your product roadmap public would be a great help as i believe from reading about that isn’t currently published.


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It isn’t, for a known reason: Asana wants to be able to adjust the roadmap, without being blocked by the fact that they already announced features being released or even dates. I’d love a public roadmap as well but I do understand it is easier for them to do not release one…

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I too am looking for this capability

Chiming in to apply some heat, as this functionality would save us a lot of time copy pasting and template task across teams … We recently switch from clickup and im getting a little antsy with the limited functionality.

I find it bit frustrating I have to manually create a task template in each project - The workaround is to copy and paste the project template but that feature would be beneficial in every project we’ve had for the past 4 years.

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I agree this would be very helpful. Since there is an existing feedback thread regarding this topic already, I have merged your comment into that one.
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+1 This functionality is absolutely needed!

  • another user who would REALLY LOVE to be able to efficiently use templates across multiple projects.
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Yes, please make this happen :blush:

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another user (plus our entire company) that would LOVE this feature. Currently debating creating my asana “Templates” in excel and importing them, simply due to the lack of this feature


dang, we would also greatly benefit from sharing templates across projects and teams…

really a bummer to see this hasnt been added for almost 3 years now with this many requests.

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FYI this type of capability is now available with Workflow Bundles. (Note it’s an Enterprise-only feature.)

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YES to this request! This would help tremendously with setting up various templates in our organization. Having the ability to have task templates pre-created and ready to go inside of an existing project template would be a game changer.


Yes, so exciting! Bundles can help teams quickly standardize workflows across multiple projects at once :tada:

Added some clarification.

Our organization recently adopted a pair of task templates which are used across a large number of projects. Socializing these templates and increasing their adoption is more difficult because they need to be saved project-by-project.

For us, the ideal outcome would be to make templates available from the “Create” button in the top left. That way, when a user creates a task, they can just select the relevant template and then add it to one or more projects.

Hoping the template UI and experience in general is getting an overhaul down the road… but for now heres a weird one…

I am editing a template and want to add another templated task to the project. I cant? I can only add a section or a new blank task? Seems like an odd limitation.

Makes me feel like I should actually house my “templates” in a private team and duplicate them as projects, as opposed to going through the template UI if I’m going to be limited on my ability to edit them…

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @FenwayJohnny! We already have a request for this feature so I’ve merged your post with Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library) - #9 by tahaack to centralize feedback. We will make sure to post an update when we have plans to launch this option :slight_smile:


Now that Asana released Bundles and they serve this purpose, I don’t believe this feature will be at the top of their todo list…