Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

Interesting… thanks for the insight here @Bastien_Siebman

Yea kinda annoyed that Enterprise Plan houses the features to build out a true PM system.

I actually need the enterprise features to build out our platform. Guess Ill look into it and hope we don’t get bent us over a barrel from a pricing standpoint.



I couldn’t agree more with the need for this.

Global Task Templates

Available to all projects and editable (with edits to the template then being applied globally).

This would be an absolute game changer.


Here is my work around so far - not sure if there is a better of doing it.
I am using Project Templates which can be generated via converting from a task with rules. Some templates have lots of tasks defined (full project), some others have just a few (small project). However, it happens that some small projects turn into a full project which requires additional tasks to be added after the project creation. I first manually added the tasks but now…
I have created the additional tasks as task templates within the small project templates. If a small project turns into a full size, I can add the additional tasks by picking them from the task template list. It’s somewhat okay, better than duplicating or retyping tasks.
PS: I haven’t used bundles functionality yet, not sure if it replaces the current actions I have.

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Please make this a feature!
Starting working with task templates and they are so useful - until you learn you can only use them in the project you implemented them in the first place.
Please make them work across multiple projects.


I will continue my experiments with the task templates and bundles. I have discovered the following today:

  • Bundles cannot be added to templates but task templates can be.
  • Bundles don’t create sections with tasks unfortunately but task templates can be added to a bundle.
  • Once you create a bundle, it’s accessible from every project (just give it time to synch after creation)
    So, to be able to update my small projects with additional sections with tasks, this is what I come up with. If anyone has better suggestions, I ma happy to hear.
    (1) I created a project using my full template (named ‘converted task templates’)
    (2) converted all the tasks into templates
    (3) created a bundle with sections and task templates using the ‘generate bundle from project’ option
    (4) I added this bundle to my small projects
    (5) sections get added to the top so re-org is needed
    (6) I picked tasks from templates for each section manually.

Still better than duplicating tasks and manually moving them over to projects.

PLEASE add this!

I have been using Asana for a few years now and for the most part, love it. But the lack of this feature is painful and leaves me questioning whether a better alternative is out there.

I am constantly changing our workflow to improve time and visibility and I just keep getting stuck on the fact you can’t have templates shared across projects.

All businesses are in a constant state of change, innovation and improvement, and that extends to your task templates which need to be updated as we grow and new information comes to hand.

We simply must have task templates across multiple projects and right now that means managing and updating the same task templates multiple times. This leaves it open to error.

Come on Asana! People have been requesting this for some time. It is an obvious need. Just like project custom columns have a tick box to share universally, can we please get the same tick box to share templates universally?


FYI this is no longer true - bundles can now be added to project templates!

Indeed, they can be now. this is great!

Has there been any updates to this request? If not, where can I add my own feedback for this same issue? This is a Huge miss by Asana: We create Project Templates to easily duplicate common projects…why would they leave off the ability to also duplicate common tasks (via task templates accessible in our library and/or project template setup)?! Wouldn’t this be an obvious inference of need/usage?


Hi @Alisha,

No updates, other than the above discussion about Bundles (Enterprise only, though).

You’re in the right place - if you haven’t yet, vote for this request via the purple Vote button at the top of this thread!

Here’s how your vote counts:

Thank you!

Damn, I upgraded to try this feature but it’s easier for me to have a project of task templates that aren’t technically templates and add them the manual way by duplicating a task.

Task templates are only really useful if they are available across your entire workspace and can be added to different projects.

What a shame.


Please build this feature we have many clients that we manage at the project level. Not being able to copy task templates creates a lot of work, especially if you need to update one of the templates and want to apply if over many projects. I have voted.

2 years of people saying this template is crucial to their workflow and no update/implementation. Everytime there is a “What’s new in Asana” I’m not seeing the things that are being requested by hundreds of users in these forums. Crazy.

This is VERY needed. I am going to try a couple of workarounds, but having this functionality built in will dramatically improve our experience.

Hi I saw this thread started in 2021 - How is being able to utilize a task template across multiple projects not a thing yet? Any updates to if this is even on the roadmap? Is there a reason it hasn’t been implemented?

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@Rene_Marquez - welcome to the forum! This is available in bundles for enterprise customers.

We have used asana for a number of years as a task management tool and recommended it to a number of companies as a great tool for this. We are currently implementing our QMS procedures and would like to use asana to implement this in terms of standardised procedures rules task templates etc.
We have spent considerable time trying to implement this in a practical and professional manner. The fact that templates are not available across projects means that this is not possible without workarounds and duplication means that this is basically impossible. We currently pay for the advanced workspace modules and are happy to do so but it looks like that we will be forced to cancel our subscription and move to an alternative software due to the fact that task templates are siloed within projects and not available across multiple projects. It is more worrying and disappointing to see that there is and has been a large call for this function from users which appears to have gone unanswered.