Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

I ran into a similar issue because I had an integration that created a Google Drive folder (via Zapier) when a task was created. However, because the task name was being typed as the integration fired, folder names were getting truncated.

I solved it by using another field as the “confirmation” of the task being ready. In my case it was a Custom Field called Status, in which the default value was set to “queued”. The rule was set to check for a new task being created and the Custom Field being set to “ready”, so the folder wouldn’t be created until after the task name was completely typed out, and the Status then changed to “ready”.

Just curious, how is that status change occurring? The user creating the task manually sets it once they’re done typing the task name?

@Phil_Seeman that’s correct, it does have to be set manually. We normally leave new tasks “queued” until the project starts (and is set to “ready”), so it’s a natural sequence. However, I can see it being an unnecessary extra step if one would always want to kick off the rule after typing the task name.

Yeah, that was my thought when I read your post. But as you say, it works out fine in the context of your particular workflow, so that’s good!