Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

Task Templates are imbedded in Project Templates, but to change a task template you misty manually change it in every project, or a new one must be manually added to every project,

Are you still using this process? You must not add tasks often to asana? I cannot image the pain of having to duplicate a task and then adding it to a project and and then switching to that project and then renaming the task and then UNadding it from the templates project - Good god.

Managing Task Template versions is not as bad even though it’s horribly costly and a massive waste of our team’s time.

Worse yet is that you can only have 10 Task templates.

how does anyone get data into asana ith accuracy without massive human error?

+1 this would be extremely helpful. it currently completely limits the usefulness of templates in cross-departmental/cross-project uses.

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Please @Rebecca_McGrath - this is high priority. We can really minimize a lot of time if we had a library of tasks

Good idea @AliciaP for a small number of projects, but not scalable for our type of setup with 150+ projects.

Agree with @Martin12 on this one. I could see how it could be extremely beneficial, BUT only you can define the template at a Global level.

I agree with everyone above. One of the hardest things for me is trying to implement good processes repeatedly, and a task template that works across all my projects would make that so much faster and more accurate.

Just want to add a +1 to the requests here. We were hoping to use templates to speed up work and encourage Asana usage across our teams - this means we really don’t have any use for templates, and best case we’re doing one of the work arounds. Thanks to everyone who has suggested them but it seems like a major gap in the tool

This workaround works for me:

  1. Create a project called “Template Tasks” or something like it. Create all of your template tasks within this project.
  2. When it is time to create a new task from a template, visit the “Template Tasks” project, and click “Create New” and select the template task you would like to create.
  3. Once the new task is visible and added to a section, open the task to add all of your details to the task as usual, but don’t forget to select the “Project” and “Section” where you want this task to live. The task will then be moved to the respective project and section.

Echoing what everyone is saying here: that a task template library would be so helpful for collaboration. I update templates as we perfect processes and having to update them across projects would be super inefficient.

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I’m also here to echo everyone’s request: a task library would be wonderful and would make it easier to encourage adoption in numerous teams as well.


Just chiming in here to see if there is any timeline update from Asana on getting a task template library rolled out! We need it!

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+1 for this, as well as a rules library!

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Please give an update on this!


Please fix this!

+1 to making templates available across ALL projects!!

Desperately need this. We have to copy the same task 20+ times and ensure it gets set up correctly. Can we add task template to a project template? I didn’t look to see if that was possible yet.

Asana still does not have a task template library. On project template libraries.

Just adding my name to the list. We upgraded FOR task templates, only to realize they’re useless to us because they can’t be shared across projects. How has this not been resolved yet?

Hello, aligned with all individuals here. This would be a great feature to have to be able to make task templates available in multiple projects.