Licensing Renewals

As an Operations Manager, a part of my role is to keep my sales managers in check with their licensing renewals with our current customers

This is challenging when many accounts are buying at different points in the year and licenses expire at many different times. I have created a project that has all of our renewals and will send email notifications to the designated sales manager.

Step 1: Add in all our renewals. This is the most tedious part of the project creation, but if you have an API to Salesforce setup this can be cut shorter
Step 2: Create 5 sections

  • New Renewals

  • Update Renewals

  • Renewals Due in 90 Days

  • Renewals Due in 60 Days

  • Renewals Due in 30 Days

Step 3: Create your Rules

I created many rules for this project but the most important ones are related to your sales manager and moving the renewals to their designated section. For example:

Trigger: Due Date is Approaching (90 days)
Action: Move to "Renewals Due in 90 Days Section
Action: Comment @salesmanager - Renewal is due in 90 days, please take action

Trigger: Task added to project
Trigger: Custom field (Sales Manager)
Action: Assign to (Sales Manager)

Many people have ways of alerting each other in Asana, but because this is so important for my business, I have my sales managers have email alerts when they are assigned and when they are mentioned in a rules comment.

If anyone else has ways to improve upon this let me know!


Great process, thanks for sharing @Mike_Tammaro :clap:

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This is great! I have a similar project for license renewals, insurance, memberships etc. I’m still working out the rules and workflow, since I’d like to keep things in sections arranged by type. I’ll try queueing it to assign the task when the date is approaching, and the @mention reminder comment is a great idea!!

  1. Do you set tasks set as recurring since they happen at repeated intervals?
  2. Does the new recurrence stay assigned to that same person thus showing in their my tasks right away? (There probably isn’t a way to unassign the next instance without doing it manually, right?:thinking:)
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We also came up with a complex system based on rules and subtask to make sure we track our Asana license clients renewals. :muscle:

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Hey @Mikayla_Santiago:

I do not set recurring because sometimes the customers change how long they want to renew. When I mark the renewal complete I have a rule that sends a complete renewal to “Update Renewal Section.” Then I got in and manually update.

You’re correct it would have to be manual. This process is not perfected yet, but each day I try and add things that would make it more automatic in the future!