Asana and SaaS Renewals

A large part of a cybersecurity service providers company is dealing with customers product licenses. It is 100% on the service provider to keep track of every license and provided updates to the customer when they expire.

This method will work for smaller service providers such as my own, but the concept will work if you have multiple managers

:arrow_right: Add a section for each customer
:arrow_right: Add a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, and 6 month sections
:arrow_right: Add the following fields:

  • Account Owner

  • Renewal Name

  • Partner (If you resell other licenses)

  • Estimated Value

  • Start Date and Due Date

  • Was it Sent? (Y/N)

  • (Optional) - Salesforce link to your previous years record

:arrow_right: Add all renewal information in the form of a task (under the appropriate customer section)
:arrow_right: Create rules that when the due date is approaching, 30, 60, 90, or 6 months to move to those sections
:arrow_right: Create rules that when a task is completed, it will move the task to an “Update information section” where the account manager can edit the information

There are more minute details, but that is the basis, and I think valuable to smaller organizations who do not necessarily have the funds to higher a SaaS renewal specialist.


Love this tip @Mike_Tammaro, thanks for sharing it :star: