Insurance Policy Tracking/Renewal Log

I wondered if you could tell me if there is a way to track all of our different insurance policies through our CRM and flag for renewal, etc? It would be more helpful than having a separate excel SS in another location.

Thank you!

This is a very interesting use case that I hadn’t thought of before. :thinking: This could be helpful not only for policies and renewals, but maintenance schedules and warranties etc. I’ll definitely be following this topic to see suggestions. (Sorry I don’t have any suggestions myself at this time.:woman_shrugging:t2:)

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At my company, we manage Asana licenses for clients. We have to renew them every year. So we have one task per client, and we have a renewal project where we have again one task per client with a due date AND 3 emojis :fire: in front of the name so the tasks stand out when displayed in My Tasks. As soon as we renew we keep the same task and change the due date to a year later.

Does this help?
You could also work with subtasks on the policy task.