Accounting/Billing Departments using Asana to keep track of monthly tasks

My department is new to Asana and we are interested in any use cases out there for Accounting. Our company works with online campaigns, has partnerships and, in general, many things to keep track of each month.

I started a project that recurs monthly and have listed out tasks and subtasks to begin with. We now need to go in and flesh out these tasks.

The flow could be more intuitive.

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Hi @Eleni_Palmos and welcome to the forum. You can see all types of use cases here to get some ideas, including examples of campaign management, account tracking (for partnerships) and company-wide use cases. There’s nothing specific to Accounting departments, but hopefully several of the general examples might also apply to your team.

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Thank you @Kaitie! The “pipeline” use case is the closest to what we need. Custom fields and saved searches have been real game-changers for us.

Hi Eleni, my firm is looking into using Asana for accounting purposes and I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer a few questions to help us make a final decision. If you’re interested, please let me know and we can connect via email. Thank you in advance!