Quick Tip: Accounting in Asana

Track billing and payments easily in Asana with a numeric dollar amount custom field (requires any paid plan). You can also use this for loans and repayments. Use a positive number for the amount billed, a negative number for each payment, and see the current balance automatically at the foot of each section. See Customer 1 - Project 1 below for a simple example.

Recurring (weekly, monthly) payments are a breeze by setting the Due date to repeat; marking complete will add the next recurrence below the prior one. See Customer 2 - Project 1 below:

If you need to track engagements and hours, a similar approach with a simple hours numeric custom field works. Here I enter the total hours as a negative number to permit the many subsequent individual entries to be logged a little more easily as positive numbers. This shows there are 48 hours left to complete the engagement:

It’s not QuickBooks, and there are many constraints, but if all you need is something like this, I find it easier to use Asana and contribute to the economies of scale with widespread Asana usage–where applicable.


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Our entire CRM is in Asana, with all invoices, spendings… This year we tracked almost a million dollar in revenue, easy peasy :slight_smile:


Do you have any recommended templates or workflows that you found worked the best?