Manage hours in asana

Hello everyone, I would like to manage in asana my assistance packages; the working hours are decreased when I use them.
For example, I assign 20 hours to a customer.
Then he asks me for a work and I use 4 hours.
At this point I should deduct 4 hours from the total.
I also need a summary in which I know how many hours I have left for each client and if the client is running out of hours, etc.
There is something like this?
Thank you all.

One way to achieve this is via custom fields.
You can set up a customer field as “number value”. Asana will automatically add all values in the column in each section and for the project total.

This way you can add a task which is for example:
Customer monthly contract January - 20 hours (20 is in the custom field).
Then for each order you make
Order 1 (-4 hours) (there is a minus in front of the 4).
This way Asana will show that you have 16 left in the end.

I am not aware of any automation that can show you if you reach 0, so you will have to check and observe manually.

We this a lot in our system and this is how we track contracts.



Thank you very much IvanStaykov!
At the moment, however, I have the free version and therefore I do not have the custom fields.
I’ll try some other solution otherwise I’ll upgrade.
Thanks again.

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I can offer a workaround with Zapier and Google Sheets.
You create a project “customer contract”
You create a Zap - new task created > add to Google Sheets.
This way you can add the numbers in the Sheet and track it there.
I do not recommend this, as it creates another manual step.

Or you can think of using a plugin like Everhour to track time. It integrates with Asana, you can have time budget by Customer, Project etc. It works nice once you set it up.


Many thanks in the next few days I will do these tests.