How does your company track and approve vacation / PTO?

This isn’t specifically about Asana, though I’d love a solution that integrates with Asana.

How does your company track and approve vacation and PTO? We use spreadsheets today, and it’s terrible.
Can you point me in a better direction?
Can we share and come up with a better solution together?

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We create a task in a PTO project, and a rule creates an approval assigned to our HR director :slight_smile:

How does your HR director record and track the days taken and balances?
Dedicated software?

That’s the part I’m more interested in

Asana is good at tracking and approving, of course, so if you’re already using Aasna that’s a natural.

I recommend one of the Asana solutions I outlined here:

The same task in a PTO project could be multihomed to such a private project, optionally with the employee granted collaborator access to their task only.

Subsequent to that are formula fields if more calculation is required, but I don’t think that’s necessary.


Interesting, I could see that.
Curious if anyone’s doing this for a team now, or what they’re doing instead?

@lpb Are you doing this now for your team?

If I had a team I’d do it this way! I have been using this accounting approach in Asana for several years for other purposes and it works well.

Asana dashboard I believe.
@Julien_RENAUD ?

In my company we use dashboards, and some of our customers manage that exactly the same way.

Could we perhaps schedule a session with you (and/or an iDo consultant) to show us how you do it?

You can come to the office hours we have at iDO :slight_smile:

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