Software Installation Tracking

I’m new to the world of Asana. We use it on our Product team but I was thinking it might be useful in IT to track deployment of various software applications across our small 30 person firm. Anyone else out there using it this way? Since Asana doesn’t have have an “asset” tracking function I’m struggling with the best way to implement this. I assume I’ll have to use custom fields for individual applications - where I struggle is how to assign status and track versions, etc. Would love any tips! Thanks!

Welcome, @Ben_Arons,

Yes, custom fields will surely come into play here, but also thinking about what your project sections are, and other factors.

Here’s one related solution that may or may not apply to you:

At first glance, I didn’t notice a relevant Asana-supplied project template to use as a starting point, though maybe I missed it.

I’m not sure we can glean the full set of requirements and their nuances in a forum exchange. I usually prefer to work directly with clients to make sure the solution is appropriate. But I also created a workshop, along with Asana’s great customer education team, to provide all the most key help I could in a general framework for how to address all such workflow design questions. You’ll find it here:

Hope that helps,