Using Asana to Track Marketing Assets

Our team is looking into using Asana as a way to track marketing assets and have one source of truth for them (mostly for our print collateral and ads).

I’m thinking we’d set up a unique project that’s specific to being our library/home base for tracking marketing assets. We’d like to assign part or inventory #s to each piece automatically as one of the fields we track within it. So, each time a line item (new task) is created in that project, a number auto-generates that would serve as the inventory or part #. Is there a way anyone knows of to do that?

We’re on the Premium plan so don’t want to upgrade since we’re a small team (Marketing team of 5). If there’s a workaround or feature we can take advantage of for this functionality within the Premium level, that’s what we’re interested in! Any guidance or ideas are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Abby,

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Sounds interesting.

Where I work, we often use Zapier to automate tasks (mainly outside of Asana). Always been a fan of the service and later come to love it as we save so much time in many departments. It’s quite easy to use, but some know-how is required to do what you’re describing. I taught myself, though, so I’m sure you can aswell!

Since we’ve upgrades to Asana Business, we don’t really have those needs anymore since the introduction of Rules in Asana.

Thanks for the response! I’m somewhat familiar with Zapier from a previous role I had at a small marketing agency. We used it in conjunction with Podio, so I’m not familiar with it in conjunction with Asana. I can check into it a bit!

Does your company use Asana for a similar use case (collateral library/marketing collateral tracking)?

We use Asana for all main processes of the company, however some we find need assistance from more specialized systems.
Our marketing and design team use Milanote for showcasing and library all our marketing collateral, but Asana manages the actionable tasks to create and upload new stuff into Milanote.

I have 10 colleagues just racing out content on fulltime to 6 different channels, we have not find one tool to track all marketing collateral in a satisfying way, we also probably could do a lot better on that. Time…

For us, focusing on using Asana for projects and actionable tasks seems to work the best. But we’re a bit over a hundred collaborating in the same Asana organization.
In the past, we’ve used Asana for almost everything. From work scheduling to massage booking times and a place to save guidelines. It works, but not in a very scalable way when the organization grows.

Not sure if this helped you at all…
If what you previously explained is all you’re looking for, some custom integrations might do the trick, but I would otherwise thread carefully into building too much live integrations, and perhaps instead find tools that complement each other - such as Asana and Milanote for us. Or Asana for actionable routines and Google Docs for guides.

Got it. That helps. I appreciate the response and your insight! :grinning: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and give me an idea of your experience and use cases.