Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default"

Dear Champion - new to forum (have been blindly asana-ing solo for a good while) - any shot you know if this has been addressed?

I’m not aware that it has - I’ve not seen any notices of something like that being implemented - sorry!

I appreciate it! TY!

+1 to this

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I would love to see the section expanded or collapsed part of the save layout as default.

Often a section of tasks may be completed and I don’t want to see it expanded every time I come into the project.

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+1 million


Make it happen! +1

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Any update on this? Would love to be able to keep sections closed – like the home page already does.

The Home page remembers the open/closed position of the “Tasks Due Soon”, “Favorites” and “Recent Projects”

Upsetting to pay this much money monthly to not be able to keep sections closed – a super basic function you already have working elsewhere in the platform.

I was just tasked by my team to find out how to do this for us because one of our sections is so long, and man was I bummed to scroll and scroll and scroll, only to learn this hasn’t been solved yet.

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Yes please, being able to save layout with sections collapsed would be incredibly helpful

Another vote for keeping ALL sections collapsed as default. The first thing I always do when I open Asana is to collapse them all individually so I can see everything at a glance and then go to the section I want to work on.

All users to hide sections for a particular project for the currently logged in user. I may not require to view all sections at once.

Welcome to the Forum @Arvind_Chakraborty and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

This is a popular request among users in the forum so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread we have on this topic to consolidate feedback and votes! I hope it’s OK!

Have a nice day Arvind!

8 months. no progress. Good work!

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can you link that existing thread? I’m unable to find it and I too would love to have the ability to collapse all or multiple sections at once, it would literally save me ten minutes of my day. That time adds up when you’re trying to be lean!

Welcome to the Forum @Seth_Wismer! :wave:t5:

Apologies for the confusion here. This is the existing thread I merged Bill’s post with :slight_smile:
I also encourage you to cast your vote at the top left corner of this thread.

Have a nice day!

I would LOVE this feature and am way too busy/tired to keep searching. Is it available yet? it’s essential in how I want to help direct my team’s focus in our “hub” where I keep tabs on all projects daily/weekly for the team.

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Would really love this feature!!! And a way to Archive a section in a project, instead of just Deleting it when it is no longer relevant


This is a GREAT feature to have.
I work with multiple team-mates and they don’t need to see every section open each time!