Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default"

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I would really like to be able to save all sections/headers as collapsed as part of the “Save Layout as Default” settings. Right now it doesn’t capture that detail when saving the layout. On the flip side, a collapse all sections/headers button would be appreciated. It would definitely help us keep things cleaned and organized. On Instagantt, we can do this, and it is very helpful for getting overviews, like a table of contents. So if anyone had the Instagantt integration, you can collapse then all with one button there, but that application doesn’t suit all the different types of project boards that we, and likely many others, need this ability for as it is most suited to timelines/project plans.



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My projects have many tasks, that I have on a timeline, which easily take a year.

I organize my projects using Sections.

I do not use or want to use subtasks because they conflict with the use of timelines. The combination of task dependency and timelines is basically what I use Asana for.

To avoid scrolling down endlessly which ends up in people not actually using Asana I would like to set the standard view of the sections to be folded, that way when you click on a project you start with a very clean view of only the folded sections, which also use custom fields to include a summary on the progress within the section.

Having a completely unfolded project (100-200 tasks) everytime one opens Asana is a big headache during team meetings. It would give a much more clear view if upon opening a project we would only see the 7 section names (folded).

How do I do this?

In case this is not possible, I do have a suggested fix.

In list view, on the top right under the “…” menu you have the option: “save layout as default”. It would be super helpfull if this also saved the folded/unfolded state of sections.

Hi @Alex_Dijk thanks for reaching out. You are correct, at this time it’s not possible to save the sections collapsed, apologies for the hassle. We do have a thread on this topic, so if you don’t mind, I’m merging your post there so you and other users can concentrate your votes in one place. :slight_smile:

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On my list view, I like to minimize the accordions on projects that I am not working on that day or even that week/month, but I have to do this every day if not multiple times a day and its a huge waste of time. Isn’t there a way to make it so asana remembers that I collapsed an accordion so I dont have to do it over and over? Every time the page is reloaded they are all open again.

When you say accordions, are you referring to sections?

I added a screenshot. I’m talking about the part that says “Gravity Works”.

Ok, thanks, upvoting your suggestion even though I am pretty sure it exists already in the forum :slight_smile:

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We already have a thread on this topic (Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default") so I’ve merged your post and vote with this existing thread to gather all votes and feedback in one place!

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This is a major pain point for me. Seems like such a simple change that would help out quite a few people!


Ironically, the Home page remembers the open/closed position of the “Tasks Due Soon”, “Favorites” and “Recent Projects” sections automatically without the need to even click on “Save Layout as Default” (which isn’t even an option on the Home page).

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I thought I read a comment on this thread about keeping the sections collapsed on a per-user basis. In other words, not using the “save layout as default” option, since that applies to all users on the project. I can’t find the comment that mentioned the per-user basis option, though. Maybe I made it up. :slight_smile: Is there a separate thread for this other way of retaining collapsed sections?

Definitely a welcome addition.

Asana Team, any update on when this will happen? Be put on the roadmap timeline? Beyond, your standard:

“Hopefully this is something we can address in future updates!”

“Merged your comment to this post”

Have a great day!"

Really painful to have to close sections, I’ve already closed, over and over again.


Me too, please. I’m here because I googled how to do this thing (default collapsed sections for entire team), but am sad to learn I can not do the thing. Would make things so much more easy to navigate.


Need this also! Save layout with collapsed Sections.