Introducing templates, for Tasks!

Hi all! I’m glad to announce that now task templates copy when creating a new project from a template or when duplicating a project :tada:

We have more updates coming! Stay tuned :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


That’s fantastic news. Thanks @Emily_Roman :raised_hands:

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Sounds good!

The articles reads for Date + days on setup…Will it do T-Minus days for relative calendar scheduling by starting at Target Date and counting backwards with relative task timeline?

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This is great!! Woooohoooo - thanks for the quick turn around on this :slight_smile:


Hi @Derek_Crager1

Welcome to the forum.
When you set up your project template, you would have already built in the dependancies and start/due dates.
When that happens, then yesm when you build a project froma template, you can set the due dates and the project tasks will populate accordingly taking into consideration your time frames.
Hope this helps.


@Rashad_Issa - That is helpful info…

However, it doesn’t appear to work the same for Task templates and subtasks. In our office, we are client driven with most of our projects. So, it works better for us to structure Asana by using Projects as “clients”, Tasks as “projects” and Subtasks as “tasks”. The difficulty I’ve faced with with using templates is we cannot control when a project request is submitted. We work backwards from the Need Date (due date) and then determine when the subtasks should be due based off that. Therefore, in our case, “when the parent task is due” drives the project – NOT “when the task is created”. Is there a solution for this??



No solution for your request at the moment, but I think it’s the same request as this one; if so, you’ll probably want to vote for it:


Thanks for providng further examples for this feature @jeremyw nowI understand.
@Phil_Seeman thanks for jumping in with a response faster than me :slight_smile: :+1:


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Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce we have launched some enhancements for task templates :tada: :slight_smile: see below:

  • Task templates now copy with projects/templates duplication
  • Task template can now be assigned to other projects
  • You can add Attachments to task templates