Improved Zapier Functionality (For Project Creation)


You’re not using correct field names. Things like addSection, addDate, etc. are not valid names. You need to use correct field names as defined here in the API docs:

@Phil_Seeman I see,
as per the documentation, for dates the parameter is due_on which works and projects it is addProjects which does not work.

For custom fields I saw in the forums that it’s custom_field[1199105026482630]="Value" and that doesn’t work either, nor does custom_fields

does a PUT request for updates only accept certain parameters?

No, addProjects is not a field name. addProject is the name of a separate API endpoint that add a project to an existing task:

When creating a new task, there is a field projects that can assign the new task to one or more projects. But that field is only valid when creating a new task. To add a project to an existing task like in your use case, you have to use that separate addProject endpoint; you can’t add a project to an existing task via the endpoint you’re using that updates an existing task.

For custom fields, I can’t recall the exact syntax you need, but try putting the custom field gid in quotation marks and see if that helps; i.e. something like:


I see, so to update an existing task not all details of the task could be update from a PUT request and that includes adding a Project to the task?

As for the custom fields, this is the error I get


Try this: in the KEY field, put

In the VALUE field, put
{"1199105026482630": "7648"}

See if that works…

In postman and Zapier.

As for the other fields, In general -

In general how would I know that, is it documented? How do I know which fields / parameters work or do not work?


Yep, it is. From the schema documentation for a task:


Got it!
Thanks :hugs:

@Phil_Seeman Everything works well, except when trying to submit 2 Custom fields only 1 of them goes thru…
This is occurring both in Zapier and Postman.

I’m assuming it’s because i’m using the same parameter, custom_fields twice.
I tried by using custom_fields[1] but that doesn’t work at all.


Can you post the exact syntax you’re using for the attempted inclusion of the 2 custom fields ?

@Phil_Seeman See screenshot.

Only the last custom field goes thru the request.

If it’s something that can’t be bypassed… perhaps the BatchAPI is an option - although i have no clue how that would work in terms of submitting it as form-data


Try this format:


{“12345”: “”, “67890” : “7648”}

where “12345” and “67890” are custom field gids.


Threw an error

Hmmm, can you check your quotation marks to make sure they’re plain-vanilla quotes? In particular, the one just before “7648” looks suspect.

It worked!! Thank you!

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@Phil_Seeman Would you know anything about that? Quite a few instances where BatchAPI would be really helpful, For instance;

  • creating multiple subtasks
  • adding multiple tags
  • adding to multiple projects
  • Updating fields for multiple newly created (sub)tasks

I’ve never tried running the Batch API in Zapier, but here’s a forum post about it in which a possible way to do it is proposed:

Do let us know if you try it!


Going the route of using a looped array in Zapier wouldn’t be right since it’s something the BatchAPI would handle.

I guess going down the trenches in the forum would be a starting point…

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hi there @abass - for some reason the file isn’t working when I try to open it. Could you share the details in text (or re-share the image) pls?