I want to archive completed recurring tasks

I have weekly/monthly/etc. recurring tasks within projects. Once I’ve completed the task, it disappears from the “My Task” view. However, when I go into a project to add or search for something, the view is clogged up with the completed recurring tasks.
Is there a way to archive or hide the completed tasks in this view to make it more manageable?

Hey @Katharine_Chestnut, welcome to the forum :wave:

Correct currently archiving tasks is not possible, however archiving projects is possible.

Here is a thread with workarounds that might be interesting for you:

You can also upvote here: Ability to archive tasks.

Also not sure if the tasks you refer to are main tasks or subtasks, if subtasks you might want ro vote here.


HI @Katharine_Chestnut You can:

a) set the project to view only incomplete tasks
b) move the completed tasks into a different section via a rule (Completed Tasks) . You can also not have this section expanded, then save the layout so the section is never expanded.

This keeps completed tasks well hidden :slight_smile:



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