How to search for all projects where I am a collaborator

I want to adjust my project-level notifications for all projects where I am a collaborator. However, I can’t figure out how to use Advanced Search to generate a list of all projects where I am a collaborator, only a list of all tasks that respond to that criterion. Am I missing something obvious, or do I have to check all the projects in our organization manually?

Anyone with tips on how to automate changing my project-level notification preferences would be my hero.

Hi @Kristen_Sukalac, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to disable project notifications in all projects you are a member of at once. You can see the list of projects you are member under each team in your sidebar but you will need to manage the settings of each project separately. Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your feedback!

If you are interested you can upvote for a similar feature requests in this threads:

I hope this helps!

Thanks, Emily. Don’t the visible projects in left-hand side bar also include any that are public to my organization, not just those I am a member of?


Advanced Search can only find Tasks and Conversations; it doesn’t return Projects. So the best you can do for this directly in Asana is run the Advanced Search and Sort by Project, then manually modify project-level notifications one by one. Not what you wanted, I know…

There is a fast workaround that I recommend that may save you some headaches: see Email notifications for ONLY tasks you have been tagged in and scroll down to my Mar 12 comment.