How to make pie charts in reporting dashboard of multi-color?

When I create a pie chart, it automatically selects one color and makes it into multiple shades. I wanted to use a multi-color option I could not choose from the given color options.
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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Ravi_J :wave: and thank you for sharing your feedback.

Currently, this is not possible and you can only use the predefined colours.

Here is another post where people are requesting custom colours. I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but might be interesting also for you to upvote.

And I have also moved your post into the product feedback category so you can vote.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer , I think @Ravi_J might be looking for creating charts with multiple colours that refer to the colours from a set of custom field options.

@Ravi_J , if you set the colour of your chart to the first one (light grey) and set the ‘Group’ of a donut (or the X-axis of your columns) to a custom field which has options where each value has its own unique colour, you should get the result you are looking for.



Note, you need to be on the Premium, Business or Enterprise plan to use Custom fields.

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Ah nice @Richard_Sather thanks

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I have a similar issue, but I want a chart by section. When the ratio of items changes, the order in the donut changes which means that there isn’t a consistent color ↔ section relation. This makes it harder to see at a glance what the donut is actually showing.

Hi @Robbe_Pincket, welcome to the forum :wave:

Sections do not have colours in Asana and as such you can only apply one of the 16 colours to all their bars, columns or donut slices (which will appear as gradients of the same colour).

If you are on a paid plan, you can instead create a single-select (or multi-select) custom field where the options are the names of your sections. Then map the custom field values to your relevant sections. The colours of your custom field options will reflect in your donuts and charts in dashboards.

To take it a step further (and clean up by avoiding double entries) you could delete your sections (while keeping all the tasks within them) and then sort your project by that custom field (and disable sort within sections, i.e. the blue switch within the sort button’s menu).

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