How to handle subtasks in task flow with multiple stages?

I’m trying to fugure out how to best use Asana for our use case.
We are a Software development company and each task goes though the following phases:
Define, Design, Develop, Test.
I set this up with custom fields: Status (Todo, In Progress, Done) and Phase: Define, Design, Develop, Test

I added an automation that the tasks automatically go through the phases.

The problem is, the tasks are more complex and require subtasks to break it up into smaller chunks. But once a subtask is checked, it won’t be automated.
Having to reset the subtasks manually sounds very tiresome and annoying.

What would be a good / better approach to handle this?

Hi @Philipp_Brockerhoff, welcome to the Forum community!

You bring up some good questions. Questions around rules for subtasks have received a lot of attention. I recommend that you follow and consider voting for the following feature requests: