content production workflow - subtasks & phase dropdown

I’m trying to sync a Production Phase drop-down with subtasks for each phase.

I have a rule that when the main task gets set to Strategy, it creates all these subtasks. Currently I don’t have the phase assigned to each subtask that’s created, but I could. Ideally, I’m wanting to complete each subtask and have the phase move on the main task to the next phase. Otherwise, everyone has to remember to do two steps – complete their subtask and switch the main task’s phase. Thoughts on how to accomplish this?


You can’t do that natively in Asana the way you describe.

But you could do it natively this way (requires that you start a parent task off in Strategy phase and with only the one Strategy subtask, add a rule will add the rest of the subtasks one-by-one):

Add a rule that would fire on the completion of all subtasks, so you’d start with:

For “If” you need multiple branches for each of your Production Phases like this:

Replace LB Priority in the example with your Production Phase. Also note the “ANDs” (you must change each from OR to AND).

For the actions, each branch should have two actions:

  1. change the Phase to the next in sequence, and
  2. add the next phase’s subtask.

I think I have that all correct, but I didn’t go back over this with a fine-tooth comb (but I bet someone else reading this will and point out any mistakes!).



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