Subtask Best Practices

I am working on a project in which one of the tasks will be to send a request to multiple people outside of the organization, followed by: following, booking, confirming completion of the request.

I’m thinking the best way to keep track of stage of the cycle who I’ve contacted is in would be to create a subtask with their name and move them between tasks depending on which stage of the process they are in.

Making the task a project seems like overkill with this being such a small piece in the scope of the overall project.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of project? Am I over-complicating it? Is there a better way to do this?

Hi @Christine_Bolton :wave:
Not sure if I get your problem right, but maybe you can use custom fields or tags to flag them.
If you´re premium you could use rules to automatically drag the tasks between sections.
So, therefore I would not recommend to do this with subtasks.

Check out also @Bastien_Siebman ´s post 🏆 The Asana coolest projects Award for some inspiration :blush:

All the best and greetings from Munich :wave::blush:

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Hi @Christine_Bolton !
Personally, I’ve never seen this kind of setup yet, but I think that Sections within subtasks might help here - you can move subtasks between sections instead of moving them from one task to another. You can create sections by clicking Add subtask within a task and then pressing Tab + N :slight_smile:

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You have a mini “pipeline” where each person’s request will be moving through stages. If it’s very lightweight (if there’s not much more detail other than the stage each request is in) then subtasks will work well and allow you to subsume all this info within a single task and still be manageable, as @Victoria_Vinogradova suggests. Create subsections by using Tab+N when the cursor is anywhere within the Task Detail pane. Create subsections for To Send, Sent, Booked, Confirmed (or something like that) and move each name from section to section as you proceed.

There are other approaches too (like doing this with tasks not subtasks, and perhaps in Board View which folks like for pipelines to drag and drop left to right), but this one is good for what you describe, I’d say.


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Thank you for your suggestions! I have decided to create a task that doesn’t need to be completed and do the mini “pipeline” in there to follow the external users through the cycle.

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