How to get Asana to send my boss my an email when I complete something


What is the best way to have an email sent to my boss once I complete something in my tasks? For instance, do we both need to be assigned, collaborators, etc.? When I complete something, she doesn’t get an email and she’s too busy to check with Asana all the time. It would be nice if it went straight to her inbox that announced I completed a task. I’ve tested it, but it only seems to send her updates about comments and new tasks created.


Hi @Aimee_Combs, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

If the task was created in your My tasks, it will be private to you. If you want your boss to be notified when you complete those tasks, you’d need to add her as a collaborator. You can use the multi-select feature to add her to all tasks at once.

Please also ensure she has her Activity updates email notifications enabled so she can be instantly notified once you complete the tasks.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other question :slight_smile:

Be careful though that any activity will also be notified to her. You could add her as a collaborator just before completing though.

Another workaround:

  • create a project “Completed by Aimee”
  • have your boss as a follower of that project, notified of new tasks
  • when done with a task, multi-home into that project (and complete)

Would that help?

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Both @Marie & @Bastien_Siebman provide excellent solution. I’m also facing the same issue especially when the workspace get too crowded with team and notifications.

In your case, I would suggest that instead of marking the task completed, assign the task back to your boss and update the task with custom field or tags.

Asana will record the history (time and date in the comment section) when you assign the task to your boss and the task will always appear in your boss’ ‘My Task’

Given how busy your boss is to check Asana, I doubt he/she got time to check piles of email in inbox :grin: