How to Notify a Colleague of Task Completion Without Adding Them as a Collaborator

Hello! I’m fairly new to Asana and have only been using it for a few months.

Is there a way to automate notifying a colleague when I complete a task? Here’s my scenario:

My colleague and I work in different departments and don’t share any projects or tasks. However, when I complete a task, I’d like to notify them so they can perform the next task in the product launch process.

My first thought was to add them as a collaborator on my task, but then they’d get notifications for all of the comments. Is there a simple way to notify them only when the task is completed?

Thanks in advance for your advice!


You should be able to set up a rule in your project that once your task is complete it leaves a comment tagging your colleague. If you tag them, then they will become a collaborator at completion.

Would that tag them once every task in the project is completed? I would only need a few tasks to tag them.

Hi @Lacey_Jolley correct - if they were a part of a section or had a particular custom field to differentiate it from the other tasks in the project then you can add that to the trigger in rules.

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