Hi everyone I am wondering if there is a way to make it so that collaborators wont be notified until the person performing the task marks it complete?

Hi guys I am trying to find a way so that everyone doesn’t get a notification every single time someone posts a comment or uploads something to asana. Its very frustrating when as an artist we put up artwork that isn’t completed and it notifies every person on the task to go look at it. What is the point of the completed button lol.

It would be way better if it only notified people when the person performing the task is ready to present. Is there a way to accomplish this without making every member of my team go and change it personally for their asana?

Thanks everyone who answers.

You could utilize the “Approval” function. When artwork is marked approved, it will provide a different notification than simply completed.

Or, you could create a rule that doesn’t add collaborators until a task is marked completed. This option heavily relies on the assignee to complete everything prior to that with fewer eyes on the task.

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You could set up a rule so that when a task is moved to a certain section it could add whomever is needed as a collaborator. I agree with @Mike_Tammaro and his suggestion to use the approval task instead as another suggestion.

I always viewed adding someone as a collaborator as intending for that person to follow that task closely, hence the notifications. Could you leave them off and then just @ them in the comments once it’s completed?


Okay thanks for the suggestions guys. I am gonna let my account coordinators know that setting up the tasks using that method might be better.

Its very frustrating to have a client see incomplete artwork and then nix an idea before I even got a chance to take it to fruition or proof it haha.

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the difficult part is that I dont actually create the tasks in order to leave certain people out.