How does priority and order work with the new Rules in My Tasks?

Okay, I did figure out 1 question I have: How does priority and order work with the new Rules? For instance, I have 3 Rules:

  1. Move task to Today if it’s due today.
  2. Move task to This Week if it’s due in the next 3 days (my workaround for my above question)
  3. Move task to Upcoming if it’s due in the next week

That’s the order they appear in my Customize panel. So say, if I create a task today that’s due tomorrow and the only thing that counts is visual Rule order, that task will wind up in Upcoming tonight at midnight and I might miss it tomorrow. Does it know to run the Today rule last? I suppose I’ll test tonight but wanted to go ahead and ask here as well.


Hi @Lee_Meeks, thanks for reaching out! I just moved your question to a separate thread so we can investigate further.

In regards to your question, the Rule will trigger as soon as the action is completed but it won’t depend on the order your have your list of Rules. For example, if the task is due Today at midnight, this means the “Move task to Today if it’s due today” will trigger and the task will move to the Today section.

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question! I’m happy to investigate further.


Very good question, would love to know how rules are being evaluated!


Appreciate the timely response, Emily! I actually set up a test as well just in case I didn’t get a reply (I know y’all are super busy!) and it did indeed move it to Today as I expected!

I am still with Bastien in wondering how the system evaluates overlapping Rules though. If a new item technically fits into 2 or more of the Rules I mentioned having, does it know to use the one with the soonest due date?


@Lee_Meeks Thanks for asking this question and @Emily_Roman for responding.

I want to re-iterate the same question. What happens if we have two conflicting rules:

  1. if due date today, move to section A
  2. if due date today, move to section B

What happens? How do we prioritize one rule over another when there’s a conflict?


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