Rule Priority

This has been asked before but I don’t think it’s been answered (here).

what priority do rules take/ For instance, if I have 2 rules
1 - move when due in 3 days - move to section A, attached to section A
2 - move when due in 7 days - move to section B, attached to section B

Does 1 automatically trump 2?

for example. I have a Section in my tasks - “recently assigned”. A task goes in which is due in 2 days. Does Asana know to always give rule 1 priority and move it into section A, or does the order the Rule appear affect the order - so does it run section A’s rule first, then section B’s Rule?

Would I be better off putting all my rules on one section and putting them in order of priority, with the first triggered at the top and the last triggered at the bottom?


Hi @Zander_Grinfeld, thanks for reaching out!

Rules run based on triggers. So, whatever trigger goes off first decides which Rule runs. Rules do not run based on which order they are set up or arranged in.

In the case of the above, if you have a task in your recently assigned that is due in 2 days and you have the below Rules set up…

Trigger → Task added to My Tasks,
Trigger → Task due in 3 days, Action → Move to Section A
Trigger → Task due in 7 days, Action → Move to Section B

…the task will be moved to Section A as it is due in 3 day (or less).

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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