Rule not working: due date set priority

Heyy, I have an issue where it seems that all rules are not working. I don’t know how to fix this. For example, I have a very fresh new template where I tried setting a rule of when a due date is approaching in 3 days the task priority is set to high. When I then put the due date of a task on tomorrow it doesn’t update the priority to high.

How can I fix this? Where am I going wrong?

Hi @Paulien_Illy manually changing the due date won’t trigger a due date rule. Midnight is the trigger for due dates. Example when the date changes at midnight to be within the three days naturally then that will trigger the rule- so if you set it as 4 days out and let it move to within the 3 days automatically then it will work

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Aah okay that is very helpful! Thank you!