Date Trigger not working?

Hey everyone, a lil help here. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to set a simple rule which will move a task to a certain section once the due date is 7 days away.

I know it’s a new feature, the triggers are there and the rule is created no problem but it won’t run.

Any help much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Matteo_Cossu1,

Have you created a task with a due date that’s 8 days away, then waited a day, and the rule hasn’t fired (i.e. the task hasn’t changed sections)?

If you create the rule and then create a task that starts out at 7 days away, the rule won’t fire. Likewise, if you manually change the date so it becomes 7 days out, it won’t fire. You have to set it as described above and then wait till it goes past midnight in your time zone (specifically, the time zone where the rule was created).


Hi Phil, I also had this issue as I created the rule “Due date is approaching 1 day before”

I checked the rule the next day and it still says “rule has never run”

Hi @Joenas,

Before you created that rule, did you have a task in that project where the due date was 2 days in the future?

That rule will only fire if you have a task that’s due 2 days out, then you wait until the following midnight your local time (or really, sometime between midnight and 1 am) - then the rule should fire.