How do I create a rule to assign the task to the latest person working on the subtask?

I work for a tech startup, and we use Asana like a Kanban board. As the task moves to each section, new subtasks are added and assigned. What we’d like to do is to also update the main task so we know who’s responsible for it at that particular part of the process.

Say, an “Update Password Requirements” ticket is ready for code review, so it is placed in the “Code Review” section. We have a rule so the subtask is instantly created and my face is assigned to this subtask. We’d like my face to also be attached to the “Update Password Requirements” main task as well.

Is there a way to do that automatically?


Thank you!

What about a situation like, a developer takes a task and puts it in the “In Development” section? We have several developers, so we can’t put a blanket rule like that for that section

not one that will determine for you which developer. UNLESS you have a CF with a list of devs then one rule for each developer.

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