Dynamic assignment of subtasks to reflect the assignee of the main task

Currently working on a dynamic approval workflow for managing a large series of events being managed by a large team of recruiters. Current workflow: form submission for event > approval by management > dynamic assignment of subtasks based on approval status. However, I’m trying to do two particular things that would make this process far more functional:

  1. I’m trying to make the original form submitter the owner of the original task by default. Is there a way to automatic this using the form and rules logic?
    and 2) I’m trying to automatically assign subtasks to the main task assignee (aka the event manager) to be responsible for all their own planning and follow-thru. However, I currently have to default assign to someone else who they has to manually re-assign all the subtasks/other tasks. Is there a better way to approach this? Thanks!

Hello @Nick_Igo, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

  1. In order to do this you can add a single-select custom field to the form. There list all your team members.
    Then set up a rule that triggers for any new task that gets added to the project and depending on the selection in the drop-down it assigns the task.

  2. In each rule that you set up per person you can then also trigger adding the relevant subtasks and assigning them to the person directly.

Does that help?

Now the only limitation currently is a maximum number of 20 rules per project. Not sure how many team members you would have to set this up for. If you require more rules I recommend upvoting here: Increase limit of 20 rules per project and you could check out Flowsana


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