How do I automate adding members to my projects?

I am looking to integrate a form of automation where when I submit a form, it converts the task to a project and automatically assigns members to the project. Help please!

Welcome, @Christina_Demaray,

You can do this with Rules:

When a task is added to the project…

Check if task is added to the project by your specific form

Take the action convert task to a project (either a blank project or from a project template, optionally using the task collaborators as project members).

You may want to do this in two stages rather than immediately converting the form submission to the new project. If you do this in two steps, you’ll have time to set up the task prior to the conversion, perhaps adding the right collaborators as one thing.

I recommend getting familiar with these for background:



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Thanks Larry! I tried this but am still having difficulties. Can you please review what I am doing wrong? To summarize, I have a form that is built from a template. I want to be able to have my support team fill out the form and a new project is created in my portfolio. Once the project is created, I’d like the members or collaborators to be automated so that everyone sees the project.

Currently, I have it set up as…

When - Task is added to this project
Check If - Task is added to this project by form “Marketing Support Brief”
Do this - Clear due date, Set Assignee to Christina, Mark task incomplete, Set Status to Stage 1 - In queue, Convert task to project

I’ve tried to add the feature to add collaborators but it doesn’t work (maybe it’s because a collabor is tied to a task and not a project?) Can you please break down what you mean by two stages?

Any advice is much appreciated! Or a phone call haha

The forum is not (for me, at least) the easiest place to get into detailed workflow discussions.

I offer a JumpStart hour of consulting during which we could likely resolve this and perhaps more.

Or maybe others will chime in here.



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