Workflow, adding customer to a task

It’s probably easier to explain what I am trying to do than to describe the actions.

We are a non-profit and part of our organization is open by appointment only.
I’ve created a workflow where the client completes a form on our website. This then gets e-mailed to an Asana project and a task is created. Our staff are then notified of the newly created task.

Is there a way to automatically add the client as a guest to view and interact with that particular task? When a staff member begins working on the task, I would like for the client and staff member to be able to communicate (set up a time for the appointment for example).

I think this would be possible on projects but not tasks. I have not found a way to create a new project via e-mail, only tasks.

Anyone have thoughts on how to accomplish this without manually creating a project from the task and then adding the client as a guest to the project?

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@Taylor_Pyles there aren’t guest permissions for tasks, like there are for projects. For users to only interact on specific tasks they have to be a collaborator.

I would ask if you thought about using the client’s email on the cc line of the email you send to Asana (which would make them a collaborator), but that would only work if they are already a part of your organization (or the project). Learn more about emailing tasks HERE.

If it possible to use an Asana Form from your website instead? With this you can ask for the submitters email and once the form comes in adds a task to your project (basically replaces what you are doing by emailing the form to Asana). You could then add this user as a collaborator from within Asana and have your staff begin coordinating with them from there. You could even go as far as adding a custom message to your form submission that tells the submitter to expect a reply ticket from Asana.

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