Approval from external customers.

Approval from external customers.
We currently use ASANA business.
Is there a way to share projects with external customers who can then approve tasks without having to have an account?

Not that I know of. You can create comment-only projects, we can imagine a scenario where a client can “approve” a task by saying so in the comments. What you can also do is have a status stored in a custom field for a “client only” project, and the tasks to validate would be multi homed inside this project, which the client would be a member/guest of…

Maybe my fellow Asana users will have more ideas…

Depends on what you mean by not having an account? Do you mean not having direct access to Asana or not taking up one of your Asana seats?

If your external customers have a different e-mail domain as yours, when you add them to your Asana they are what Asana calls a guest user and they do not take up a seat.


You can add guests and asign them task with a field to approve.
What i need is that they can’t see the log and comments!

If the guest can’t view the comments, how do you communicate about the Task with them?


JMMM how clever. Ok i’ll stop writing shit on my tasks…

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Maybe my last post came off as snarky, which wasn’t my intent. So I’ll be explanatory.

I can’t imagine the use case where being blind to the Task comments makes sense. Especially for an assignee. Even if that assignee is a guest.

Comments and the visibility of those comments are the best way for Task assignees and collaborators to communicate with each other about the Task.

If you explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish, maybe we can come up with some ideas.

As it stands now Asana doesn’t make comments private to anyone that is on a Task.

Nonono! you were only right, i understood and changed my mind.

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Or we ask Asana to include a special tag, like bla bla so we can wrap some comments in it and they automatically replace it with cute emojis :poop: for guests. Just saying, that would be a game changer… :slight_smile:

The best would be that guest can’t see previous comments (before him joining the task)

But then you can’t “jump in” and collaborate because you are missing the history… Tough subject.

Ok, I hear you. I’m trying to be a little more specific. Today I use Invision for design approval from external customers. They do not have to log in, they can leave comments, they can share with colleagues who must also be involved in the process. My dream is to be able to share the menu item in ASANA called Files, that way my customers can see what we have made and comment without any kind of log in. And we could drop InVision

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