How can I use Flowsana rules?

Two issues about Flowsana rules:

  • can I apply Flowsana rules inside a project to update a field of tasks already created and filled in the past?
  • can I use a Flowasana rule in an Asana model/template?
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Hi @Luca_Depaoli,

Here are some answers…

With one exception, no. This is because rules trigger based on a change to a task; if nothing changes on those already-existing tasks, then they can’t trigger a rule to update that field.

The one exception is we have an option that if a task triggers a rule to fire, you can apply the rule’s action to all of that task’s subtasks instead of the task itself. It sounds like that probably doesn’t apply in your case.

Unfortunately not within the Asana rule builder. We at Flowsana would very much love if this was possible; it’s not a Flowsana limitation but an Asana one as they don’t support any 3rd party external rule actions in project templates. You can add your vote for the capability here:

Having said that, you CAN create rules in project templates via the Flowsana web portal and its rule builder. (There are 2 limitations: you can’t build rules in a project template involving custom fields or sections. Again this is an Asana limitation; they do not provide a way for us to read what custom fields or sections exist in a project template.)

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