Flowsana enhancements: more new rules!

I’m happy to announce that some new rule conditions and actions have been added to Flowsana.

New Conditions:

Name contains the word or phrase...

Now you can trigger a Flowsana rule based on a particular word or set of words in a task's name.

Is marked as a Milestone

This allows you to have rules which are applied only to Milestones.

Is assigned to anyone

Previously you could have a rule triggered by a task being assigned to a specific user. Now you can trigger a rule when a task is assigned to any user.

New Actions:

Move the task's project to team...

Automatically move a project from one team to another based on a condition occurring to some task within that project.

Archive the task's project

Automatically archive a project based on a condition occurring to some task within that project.

In addition, we've added an enhancement to Flowsana where a project's rules are now automatically duplicated whenever Flowsana creates a new project.

This occurs in two places within Flowsana:

  1. In Dynamic Duration Workflows, when you create a new workflow-enabled project from a template; and
  2. When you use the Create a new project from a template… Rule Action.

In both of these cases, if you create Flowsana rules in the source template, those rules will automatically be created and active in any projects that Flowsana creates from that template.


We have “Red Bull gives you wings” and you have “the latest Asana Automation feature gives me wings” :bird: :slight_smile: well done


Thanks for the update! There are so much potential in “Name contains the word or phrase” option


Thanks, @Paul_Grobler! Yeah, I thought the same thing, that might be a popular one (and not currently available via Asana rules :wink: ).


Wow! Congrats @Phil_Seemann :raised_hands:t3:

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Whoa this is way advanced for me. I never even heard of Flowsana. How do I find out about it and why would I want to use it? Thanks

Hi @Chris_Winsey!

You can learn about Flowsana here: https://flowsana.net.

If you have any questions at all about the product or how it might be able to improve your use of Asana, please don’t hesitate to ask - the best way to do that is via an email to support@flowsana.net.

Also, you can schedule an online session where we can discuss your specific needs and whether Flowsana might be able to help with them - if you’re interested, just ask about scheduling a session via the above email address.

Thanks for your interest in Flowsana!

Hi, is there any rule such as “Add all subtasks to project X” ?

Hi @Juan_Diego,

Indeed there is!

Take a look at the section Add subtasks from a template in this forum post (and let me know if you have any questions about it):

Congrats Phil,
You are doing a such an amazing work on the “automation” side of ASANA !
I also think the rule triggered by specified words or group of words of the task will rock ! :wink:
10x for sharing ! Good job !

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