Support External Rule Actions in Templates

I’ve just noticed that in a project template, you cannot add an external action (such as sending a Teams channel message) to a rule. Only internal actions.

This is causing me a huge headache along with Asana’s lack of integration with Because monday has (extremely limited) integration with Asana, but Asana has no integration with monday, we cannot automate a specific task (i.e. when this specific task in Asana is completed, add an item to monday).

I know you’re direct competitors. I know my organization uses entirely too many different project management systems. I know this use case is extremely specific.

But what can be done to get around this? Right now, I’m seeing if I can set a rule in Asana - when Custom Field is set to X, send a Teams channel message. But we still have to create the item in monday manually.

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Hi @Ashley_McKnight,

Yes, this is a big “missing” - Asana knows about it and I think will address it at some point. However, it’s good to push them on this, so I moved your post to the Product Feedback forum section so we can all vote for this enhancement! (I also modified the title slightly to make the request really clear, hope that’s OK.)


Templates should allow external rules, not just internal.