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Hello Laura, were you still looking for help on this?


Yes, I would love to learn any tips or tricks you have to help with this scenario.

You can create a guest account representing them, and reassign everything to the bot. But that would be pretty manual.

Hello Laura, yes Bastien is thinking the same thing as me.

You can make use of Gmail aliases on a single account, for example:

Another way: Create a single Asana user to inherit past employee tasks. Create a project called “Retired/past employee” and use the sections to break down employee names.

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One last thing, with the project approach, you’d add tasks to the additional project, you wouldn’t move them over to it.

Thanks Paul! These are two good alternatives but I don’t have extra licenses. I am a small team paying for each of my team’s licenses so was trying to find a solution that doesn’t require me to purchase an additional license for this.

Hello Laura, my suggestion doesn’t require more paid seats. You can have these extra “dummy” users as guests and not full members. It does require your Asana to be set up as an “Organization” however. To convert from a “Workspace” over to an “Organization”, see this post: Organization vs. Workspace - #3 by Carmen_Smith1

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Got it, thx for pointing that distinction out. At this time I’m unable to convert the workspace to an organization, so I’ll remain hopeful and on the look out for any possible future Asana enhancements that would extend guest seats to workspaces. Thank you both for your input.

If the issue is only the domain name, you can get one for like $5/y at http://hover.com

Hey @Bastien_Siebman,

Can you modify W8.2 to read:

Use Flowsana’s “Add subtasks from a template” or “Add tasks from a template” rule action

now that we also have a rule action that adds top-level tasks. Thanks!

Also, you should probably remove F10, or else notate that it no longer needs a workaround with the introduction of multi-select custom fields.

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I guess you can get rid of F4 now, with the advent of PT 2.0.

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F14 “Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project” was also fixed :slight_smile:

Wondering where the sync between Asana tasks and Google task list is going (or has it even been truly considered? Seeing many comments across the community but not sure if officially requested).

Also, whether the Asana sidebar in Google Mail will ever become more robust. If you add a robust task list feature there, the sync with Google tasks become unnecessary.


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@Bastien_Siebman excellent list! Thanks for compiling.

One addition to consider: ‘add option to show start time instead of due time in calendar view’

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You mean replace a “block” from start to due with a “start” only?

No - I mean display start time in the calendar view. Here’s the existing thread: