Allow multiple people to be assigned to subtasks

My team recently began using Asana and we are very happy with it. That said, we have found ourselves really frustrated by the inability to add more than one person to a task or subtask. We have researched the issue and found Asana’s reasoning for not allowing it, however, we definitely feel like there are use cases where it is necessary. For us, it’s that we work with a freelance designer who we have added to our projects/boards and we also have a head designer in-house. The two work closely together and when our freelancer creates an image/graphic, it needs to be reviewed and approved by our in-house designer. Our in-house designer has a ton of requests coming in and he’s finding it hard to keep sight of the tasks of the freelancer and their statuses. It would help us tremendously if we were able to assign design tasks to both people (our freelancer and in-house designer) that way the tasks would show up on each of their “My Tasks” boards and would be so much easier for our head designer to manage the freelancers work.

Please let us know if you have any plans to enable assigning more than one person to a task and if not, please consider it. Also, if you have any workarounds for our specific use case in the meantime, please advise. Thanks!


Here is a thread for it. You can vote for it too.



Then Asana philosophy would be to have a back and forth between them. At any given time, the person assign on the task is the one doing the work. If you open the door to multi-assignees, in my opinion, clarity and accountability are gone, with people being assigned on task they aren’t “doing”.

In my opinion, it will never be the case. But I know they do reconsider those requests on a regular basis.