Task / Subtask - Assignee Multiple People not just one

Looking for an option to Create Tasks and Subtask and Assign multiple people to it, once they pick it up they can assign it to themselves.

We have a DEPT with 3 people that share and often split up work assigned from a TASK / Subtask.

You cannot see what TASKS you have unless you are the Assignee, things get missed when working in group or across 24 hour Shifts.

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Asana does not have multiple assignees. The solution in your case is to multi-home the task or subtasks into a “bucket list” for that group, meaning a dedicated project they have) where they would go and “pick up” work.

Does this help?

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This is great news, but forgive I am an new user and do not know where to locate this option or how to set it up.
Could you please provide more details or a screen shot please?

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Hi Steve:

Here is an article on multihoming. You’ll want to create a separate project for that “bucket list” @Bastien_Siebman mentioned above, and then follow what this article is explaining.

Thanks Mike, but sorry I cannot find this “bucket list” option and I am not sure what “multihoming” is either cause I cannot find any mention or how-to on either of these.

We are looking for a solution to create TASK/SUBTASK for a Dept. with multiple collaborators linked to those TASK and SUBTASK.
Then either one or more of these collaborators can assign themselves to work that needs to be completed.

When working with or managing team members, when trying to use Calendar to view MyTask I cannot find a filter option to ensure the TASK/SUBTASK I shared with someone else is complete unless I am the ASSIGNEE.

Sorry because I am new user it wont let me post to IMAGES in one post.
I also had to wait 11 Seconds between my post, also cause I am new user. :frowning:

What I am calling a bucket list is just an empty project :slight_smile:
Multi-homing is explained on the page shared by Mike, in " * Add tasks to multiple projects".

It is a bit hard to help on the forum for a complete workflow like this, I usually set up a session to work on it together :slight_smile:

Thanks Siebman, how can we go about setting up time with you to get help with this?

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