How can I get in touch with someone from Asana?

I have purchased a 15 seat license for Asana Premium. When I try to create a form, it tells me to upgrade to premium to take advantage of forms. Also, there’s constantly an upgrade button at the top left of my window and when I click on it, it encourages me to upgrade to Premium.

What’s wrong? Please help? I would like to speak to a person.


Sorry, the upgrade button is on the top right.

Welcome, @Dave_Russell,

I think your best bet is to fill out the form at Contact our Sales Team • Asana or email and I believe someone will be in touch.



You might have upgraded a single team and not the org. As Larry pointed out, support will be able to help.

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Morning folks, I was able to resolve the problem myself. It seems that I still had the remnants of a Basic level trial in my browser’s cache. I deleted everything and logged back into Asana and now everything is working properly.

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