Upgrading to Premium

I have a weird situation. My team at the campus museum started using Asana’s free trial and has been looking to upgrade to Premium. When I got the approval for a non-profit and the link to sign up, I discovered that the only thing I could do was change to an existing one for our entire campus (I work for University of California, Davis). I got the information to add our team to the agreement, but I cannot find an answer anywhere if we need to create new accounts or if our current ones will just automatically transfer over.

We have been using basic Asana for a year or so and then started the trial about two months ago. We have a lot of projects and don’t want to lose them. I’m trying to find out if our current logins will transfer over when I add our team to the existing agreement or if we’ll have to create new logins and lose all of our existing projects. So far, I’ve been unable to get anything back from customer service. I’m running out of time on our free trial as well as it’s been extended twice.


You should reach out to support@asana.com to discuss your specific situation :slight_smile: they’ll have access to your account details.

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