Team is on Premium, but Asana is still prompting me to upgrade to Premium


My team currently purchased licenses to go on the Premium Asana plan. I have received an email that says Welcome to Asana Premium. However, when I try to use Premium functions on Asana it does not let me. On the top right, there is an “upgrade” button, and when I click it, it still shows that I need to upgrade to Premium.

Is there something that I need to enter into the account for me to go on the Premium plan, or why is this not working!

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Hello @Jamie_Liao welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Has your team upgraded the organization and you have an email with the same domain as them? Because if you have a different email this might be the reason.

Also it might be that you signed up for the trial first and that is why it might still show.

Your billing admin will be able to see everything in detail as well.

Another thing to try is logging out of your account and in again.

If nothing helps and something still seems strange I definitely recommend reaching out to Asana support as I am sure they will be able in having this resolved.


To add to what @Andrea_Mayer said above, you may upgrade a single team within your organization instead of your all Organization. If that’s the case, the premium feature will only be available in the tea you have upgraded, and outside of this team, you will continue to see an “upgrade” button.

Keep us posted @Jamie_Liao :slight_smile:

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I confirmed with the billing admin that our team (including me) was upgraded to premium. I also tried logging in and out prior to submitting this!

However, the problem seems to have resolved itself on its own today. We noticed one more issue that I submitted a support ticket for. Otherwise I will keep an eye out.

Thank you for your help!


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