Team Privacy types for Premium plan subscribers

I am trying to create a few new Teams in Asana to be used as special-purpose areas for some cross-functional work. However, when I try to add the team, I’m only given the following options for the new team:

  • Membership by Request
  • Private (Upgrade to Premium)
  • Public (Upgrade to Premium)

I want to make a Private team, but it appears that I’m not on the proper plan to do so.

I’m not an Admin user on our account, but I am quite certain my Organization is on either the premium or business subscription plan. Not the free version. We have these features available: Goals, Portfolios, Reports.

What’s up here? Are the other two Team privacy settings actually Enterprise features? That’s all I can think of given that I’m quite certain we are on either the Premium or Business plan.

Any one else have a similar struggle in the past?

You can ask your admin to look at the console, you might have a “Team plan” and only paying for one team to be Premium and not the entire organization. Let us know!


After a little more digging, I think you are correct @Bastien_Siebman. When I click “Upgrade Now”, it takes me to a page that says:

There is another paid team in this Organization. Please contact sales to upgrade the whole Organization or select a single team to upgrade instead.

So it seems that just our current team is on the paid version, which wouldn’t expand into newly created teams! Thanks for clarifying @Bastien_Siebman :slight_smile:

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Great, you can ask Asana to move to a paid org if that makes sense!

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