Set team to 'Public to organization'

In one organization in Asana I cannot see the ‘Public to organization’ option when I open Team settings. I can only see two options: Private and Membership by Request.
I’m not sure if it is bug or sth else stands behind this behaviour.

Hi @AnnaPapiernik, thanks for your post! A Premium, Business or Enterprise subscription is required to unlock the “public team” feature. This is not available on our Basic free tier. If your organization is on a paid plan and you still cannot see that option, let me know and I’d be happy to help!

I believe that the issue is not related to the plan. The screen above is from Business trial and there is missing 3rd option. Here is as I see the team settings on Basic plan:


Hi Anna,

Is this team part of a Division plan? You wouldn’t be able to turn a team public in a Division as only Private and Membership by Request are the options available. I believe this is to keep people from joining the team as part of a Division so that they don’t become members without permission and to give you control over who does become a part of the team and thus the Division.

I hope this helps!


You are absolutely right! Thank you very much for the comment. Now it’s clear.

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