Help: Asana Free Version Teams Privacy

Hi Guys,

I have the following question regarding the free version of Asana - unfortunately, I cannot test it myself as I’m using Premium.

The organization has several Teams (A, B, C) - B and C should be public to the whole organization. But in A they want to store sensitive data that should be only accessible by the manager.

In Premium you can make a team ‘‘hidden’’ or ‘‘Membership by Request’’; what are the options in the free version?


Hi @Nordin, thanks for reaching out!

Public and Hidden Team options are only available in the premium version of Asana. All teams you create in a free Organization will be set as “Membership by Request” by default. You can find more details about Team permissions in this article.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Emily_Roman,

thanks for your help!

So if I understood correctly, if a team is set as “Membership by Request” I can choose who to let in, right? So I could have a ‘‘private’’ team that only one user has access to? Or does every organization member regardless have access to this one particular team?

You are right, before someone can access a Membership by Request Team’s public projects and Team Conversations, their request to join must be approved by an active Team Member. If you are the only team member, you will be the only that can approve their access to the team.

Great, thanks for your help !!

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