Feedback on the Sales Process

Asana uses dark design patters to obscure the fact that the Asana team is aiming to lure the customer into a telephone conversation in order to upsell. It’s a thinly veiled scheme. Instead of coercing potential customers into a sales call you should just let them buy the product instead of requiring 6 emails and forcing the customer to FOLLOW-UP with Asana in order to make a purchase.

I’ve been trying to upgrade for four days and haven’t been able to. The web app tells me to fill out a form. I fill it out, someone gets in touch and asks for basically the same information, then I respond with that information, and then I don’t hear back, and I still can’t upgrade three seats.

Hi @Thomas_Rush1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for this feedback! To clarify, you can upgrade by clicking any of the upgrade buttons within your Asana Workspace or Organisation and choose what plan you would like there without ever having to be in touch with our Sales team.

Are you having trouble upgrading this way?

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Hi Rebecca, that’s not true. When clicking on any of the upgrade buttons within my Asana Workspace or Organization and then choosing what plan I would like, I’m presented with this screen:

Okay, well, I will put my foot in my mouth to some degree here. Realizing that I simply needed to change the “Plan group” drop down selection.

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Happy to hear this was resolved for you :slight_smile:

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