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I am new to the platform and have found it helpful. I am using the free platform but want to upgrade my account to the PREMIUM version. But before doing so, I want to convert my login to a different email account. I sent in a request to the Customer Support team but there has been no reply to this request. I have two questions?

  1. Does anyone have experience with getting support from this company. If so, how was it.
  2. In case they never respond, does anyone know how to export the history / projects from one account a import it into a new account.

Asana customer service has been excellent in my experience. How long ago did you reach out?

Hi @Glen_DiPalma and welcome to the forum!

I can confirm that our Team has received your request and will be in touch asap! Our support team works from oldest to newest request, so I would recommend to not reply to your own email as it will automatically put it back to the bottom of the queue. One other thing to note: we prioritize premium support, so it might take us a little longer to reply to you if you’re using the free version of Asana.

Hope this helps,

Support from Asana has been outstanding, but we never used the free version.

4 days ago?